Swiss finesse meets Indian splendour

Swiss Tempelle is born out of a collaboration between Mibelle Group from Switzerland and Future Consumer Limited from India - perfectly harmonised in their synergies. Mibelle Group started in the 1960s as an extension of the vibrant Migros Group. As one of the top three players in the European proprietary brand market, Mibelle has built their reputation on their commitment to perfection, research, safety, quality and most importantly being 'eco-aware' and fair to Earth and its people.

The Art of Fusion

All products of Swiss Tempelle have the unique proposition of 'Fusion Secrets' of Indo Swiss ingredients that combine Swiss expertise with Indian sensibilities targeted at discerning consumers.

The product portfolio covers various categories like Face Washes, Body Washes, Body Lotions and Hand Washes with over 40 SKU’s active in the market.

An R&D Team in Switzerland with over 150 experts is constantly developing new state of the art formulations tailored to the Indian needs. Safety, quality and product efficacy are one of the key elements of Swiss Tempelle products hence all products are made with natural extracts and free from Paraben.

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