Future Consumer Ltd (FCL) is one of the fastest growing FMCG companies in the Indian market. We are a FMCG 2.0 company that is data-oriented, led by modern trade and a digitally-enabled distribution network. We are building brands to acquire the lifetime value of today’s Fast Moving Consumer Generation.

We are combining cutting-edge consumer insights, technology and innovation to develop and grow a range of products across multiple categories in food, home care and personal care and beauty space that deliver on needs and aspirations of India’s next generation, young customers.

In food, the opportunity lies in branding as food itself is an under-branded category in the country. More than 670 million Indians today were born in the post-liberalisation era (1990 onwards). Over 65 percent of the market is unbranded, according to estimates, with 1.3 billion people who are only just beginning to consume.

We understand evolving India and its aspirations from food to home care and personal care and beauty. We are building brands that reflect the shift in thinking of consumers and the category.

The Indian kitchen has changed significantly. New technologies, gadgets, diets, fashion have had an impact. The kitchen is not only a space for chores but also for display.

Our focus on quality helps us command a premium for our products. It helps instill confidence among our customers.



We are building a customer proximate FMCG 2.0 company that is led by modern trade and a digitally-enabled distribution network.

Data science gives us insights on the evolving Fast Moving Consumer Generation across categories and enables us to respond to their needs and requirement with agility.

With the help of data, we are engaging and building experiences to excite consumers at the point of purchase and beyond – since 90% of consumer choices are made instinctively

Being modern retail backed, our distribution costs are significantly lower as compared to established FMCG companies. Additionally, we have been able to keepthe marketing costs low as we build brands largely in stores and on digital platforms.


At FCL, we treat our customers as Gods. Our sourcing and processing facilities are our Rasoi (Kitchen), our brands is the Bhog (offering made to God), our distribution and retailing network is the Thaal (Plate).

We believe in the act of celebrating and sharing the bounty of food. This belief in sharing propels us to be fair, caring and responsible towards our consumers, associates, partners and society at large.

We are constantly innovating in every aspect of its value chain (from sourcing, product development, branding and packaging) to create brands in categories that India had not invested in so far.

We are a quality driven organization with a strong and well defined quality policy that takes care of sustainability and overall responsibility to customers, society and environment.




We derive benefits from our strategic relationship with Future Group and also have access to the expertise of Future Group‘s management team and leverage on their experience and understanding of the consumption-led businesses, consumer insights, brand building and supply chain management.

Future Group, India‘s leading retail group with over 15 years of organised retail experience, has conceptualised, supported and developed various consumption-led business concepts such as Big Bazaar, Easyday, Nilgiris, Hypercity, Foodhall, Central, and Home Town, which command significant brand recognition and customer loyalty.

We are fusing wisdom gained from decades of experience with the energy and enthusiasm that empowers young decision makers to innovate, take new initiatives and pursue multiplicity.