Bring out the chef in you

Sangi’s Kitchen's wide range of sauces and spices provide you with a variety of choices to showcase your culinary expertise in the kitchen. Our diverse range of whole spices, powdered spices, herbs and seasonings, cooking sauces, flavoured mayonnaise, and street chutneys enables you to channel your inner master chef.

Dip it, spread it, cook it. Use it the way you want!

Whether it is the pasta made out of our pizza-pasta sauce, or chole made from our chole masala; sandwiches made from our mayonnaise or pav bhaji made from our pav bhaji masala, our products always bring the expertise of authentic flavour to every meal. We encourage consumers to “use it the way you like it” – because our products lend themselves to so many different types of snacks, meals and food preparations!

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