Our Veggielicious Journey

At Sensible Portions India, we simply don’t believe in compromising on taste. We however, don’t even believe in sidelining our health. So, laying deliberate focus on a lip-smacking taste and a snacking option that is better-for-you, we came up with veggie straws, made with delicious, wholesome ingredients that pack fun and flavor, with no preservatives or fillers so get the munching going, guilt-free.

What makes us better-for-you

Hunger on your mind? Fill up your tummy with the goodness of Veggie Straws. Our products are great for eating on-the-go or in-between meals or whenever the hunger pangs kick in. The combination of garden grown potatoes, ripe vegetables, and 30% less fat than the regular potato chips, with no artificial flavours or preservatives provides a better-for-you snack is a snack both kids and adults love! Now you can satisfy your snack cravings in a smart and wholesome way with #VeggieliciousSnackalicious Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws. Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws are manufactured at a facility in Tumkur, Karnataka.

Sensible Portions Products Range

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