Beauty on the go

Kara stands for unblemished beauty on-the-go. The brand offers a unique range of beauty products such as refreshing wipes, skin care wipes, acetone free nail polish remover wipes, make up remover wipes, baby wipes, and Korean face masks. Whether being used by a working woman, mother, or baby Kara, Kara wipes infuse the skin with the goodness of natural ingredients, while wiping out dirt, grime and sweat throughout the day.

Good for you ingredients

Kara wipes offer high moisture absorption capacity and use natural ingredients that soothe the skin. Kara's wet wipes and sheet masks ensure that looking and feeling beautiful does not take a back seat amidst one's hectic daily schedule. It accompanies the modern woman wherever she goes – a hand-bag essential that keeps her fresh and beautiful at all times.

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