FMCG 2.0

For the Fast Moving
Consumer Generation

Key Pillars of FMCG 2.0

Diverse Portfolio

We are a food-led FMCG company with considerable presence in home, personal care, and beauty categories.

Data Science

We work with almost real-time customer data to deliver frequency, understand repeats, create promotions and alerts of our customers.

Digital Distribution Network

We have a digital-commerce first and modern retail-led distribution model for all our brands.

Our Portfolio

Future Consumer is a food-led FMCG company, building brands for India's Fast Moving Consumer Generation. We understand India’s evolving aspiration and needs and is moving consumers into buying branded food categories. We are using real-time data to gain deep insights on the Indian consumers, their food habits, and beliefs. We have successfully created a branded business out of commodity play in categories like dry fruits, rice, and flours, where very few or no brands exist. There is a new restless generation of consumers out there that seeks the next. Constantly, instantly and fearlessly. It is for this breed of aspirers that we have created a whole new world of innovative products from across multiple categories in food, home care and personal care and beauty space and built successful brands like Tasty Treat, Voom, Karmiq, Dreamery, and Mother Earth among several others.


Home Care

Personal Care & Beauty

JV Brands

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