At Future Consumer, we believe in evolving with the changing consumption patterns. The launch of KOSH! Oats is such an attempt to set a trend in the food space by introducing it as the third grain of India. Oats has always been introduced as a breakfast item. Health benefits of oats are widely known, but people have shied away from using it in their daily diet in the past because oats were never available in such easy-to-use formats. With KOSH!, we strive to change that and make it India’s third grain. With KOSH!, you can use your creativity & imagination to play with everyday dishes from soul foods like khichdi and upma, to delicacies like kheer and pudding, as well as the everyday essential roti, you can make it all. With introduction of KOSH! Masala oats, you can give a tasty & healthy twist to your breakfast in an instant.

KOSH! oats are grown and sourced from Australia and processed at Sri Lanka. KOSH! Is available in five variants -- Instant Oats, Broken Oats, Oats Atta, Kosh Wheat+Oats Atta and Instant Masala Oats.

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