Care Mate subscribes to the philosophy that life must be lived with specialness; an elevated idea of life, not a common one. Care Mate is a world of people who are innately sophisticated, who know how to make every little acts of their lives special in some way. Care Mate believes that every action of life is special and therefore it wants to delight consumers with its products. The brand offers a wide range of Face Tissues, Toilet Tissues, Aluminium Foils, Cling Films,

Handwash & party disposables, which reflect this philosophy in their quality, appearance and packaging. Going beyond mere hygiene, Care Mate wants the world to look pristine, presentable, clean, and fresh, since the brand believes that aesthetics is equally important.

Product Range

Aluminum foil
Facial Tissues
Party disposables
Cling Film
Hand Sanitizer
Kitchen tissues
Multipurpose Wipes
Toilet Tissues